Human Powered Boats

MIT Decavitator 29kb
M.I.T. Decavitator - Image © Steve Finburg

HP Boat Manufacturers
Cadence - by Open Water Cycling
Contour Paddle Boats
Cycle Kat
Free Enterprises Web Page
Hobie Mirage
Hydro-Bikes Explorer
HydroCycles WaveWalker
Max Mosig's Pedal Boat
Nauticraft Escapade
Ozone Human Powered Watercraft Company
Pacific Tailboats
SeaCycles USA
Suncatcher Hydrocraft
Surfbike Products
Velosea Paddleboats
WaterWheeler Pedal Boats
Power Paddler HPB for kids
WaveBike - Canard Balanced Marine Bicycle
PedalPro - Outboard propulsion system for small boats
SHUTTLE-BIKE KIT - The Official Website
Boat-Bike from Eastern Light International Co.
Human Powered Hydrofoils by Matthias Ehm
Aquaskipper by JumpUSA
Trampofoil   Matthias Ehm's Trampofoil information
Human Powered Boat Organizations
IHPVA Web Site
WISIL Human Powered Boat Page
HPV German HPV Association - HPB Seite
IWCA International Water Cycling Association
Other Sites
Nancy Sanford's White Cap Pedal Power
Ron Drynan's HP Boat site

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