Folbot Super

Folding Kayak

Image 01


Photos by Chris Broome

This is our (former) Folbot Super folding kayak. We bought it at a local garage sale and used it on Morro Bay and the Central California Coast. It was subsequently sold in November, 2000.

Our new Seda Tango was delivered in January, 2001 and is serving us well. Please see home page for links.

The Folbot was built circa 1975 and was used only three times prior to our ownership. However, its maiden voyage was a trip down the Yukon River in Alaska, so it has a few miles under its keel.

Please click on each image to see a larger version.

Image 01 View from port bow

Image 01 View from port beam

Image 01 Another beam view

Image 01 Paddle & Rudder
Our second paddle is hi-tech carbon fibre. It weighs almost nothing, but cost almost as much as the complete boat.

Image 01 Cockpit view from the stern

Image 01 Cockpit view from the bow

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