Graeme Obree's Old Faithful

These photos were taken at the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh in June 2012.

(You can click on each picture to see a larger version.)


Graeme Obree set an hour record of 51.596 kilometres on 17 July 1993, at the Vikingskipet velodrome in Norway. He later took a new record on 19 April 1994, riding 52.713 kilometres in the hour at Bordeaux.

Old Faithful hanging on the wall.

Another perspective.

Yet another perspective.

Close-up of the shoes directly affixed to the pedals axles. No clipless here ! Notice how the cranks have been ground down, presumably to save weight, reduce the 'Q' and reduce the frontal area.

Narrow cranks, narrow bottom bracket = narrow 'Q'. This is probably the famed washing machine bearing that received a lot of press coverage.

Rear axle - another ingenious design component.

View from the rear - pretty minimalist, eh ?

Superman bars - does the UCI ever like anything new and inventive ?

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