Matt Weaver's Virtual Edge
California Motor Speedway, Fontana
Sunday, Dec 19, 1999

This page has a few rough edges, so we appreciate your patience while we work on it.

When Matt arrived around sunrise on Sunday, the weather was warm, following a perfect Saturday. Unfortunately, the wind started to pick up and was blowing over 30 mph by mid-day. It was clear that record attempts would not be possible that day. Matt rode the unfaired bike on the pit row for some tuning and we all used the opportunity to take photographs.

Further photos will be added to this page as they become available.

Please click on each image to see a larger version.

Image 01 Virtual Edge
The right side fairing is removed. The bike is about to be rolled forward along the measuring tape, so the rear wheel circumference can be determined.

Image 01 Virtual Edge
A view from the rear shows the air cooling fan and the cockpit with LCD displays. Dr John Weaver is adjusting the twin cameras in the nose.

Image 01 On Pit Row
Matt Weaver talks with Dr Allan Abbott.

Image 01 Along the Back Straight
A view from the comfortable and warm Safety Truck. The palm trees bend as the wind continues to rise.

Image 01 Virtual Edge
Side view with right side of body shell removed.

Image 01 Virtual Edge
Another side view with right side of body shell removed.

Image 01 Virtual Edge
View from rear shows LCD displays and riding position.

Image 01 Virtual Edge Drive Train
The front drive system incorporates a 225 tooth chainring driving a 15 tooth top gear. The modified front changer acts a derailleur for the 4-cog cluster. Chain tension is taken up by the blue shock-cord attached to the handlebar.

Image 01 A close fit ?
Matt sits in the vehicle and makes adjustments.

Image 01 Virtual Edge
Dr Chet Kyle takes some close-ups of the vehicle. Note the strong shadows during the early morning light.

Image 01 Body Shell

Image 01 Virtual Edge Detail
Close up of the cooling fan, driven off the rear wheel. The rubber mounting points for the seat and fairing are just visible.

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